Mobile Babies

(crawling on hands and knees or tummy crawling to walking)

Duration: 45 minutes

Once your baby starts to crawl on his tummy and/or creep by lifting his tummy and moving on hands and knees, he is ready to move into the crawl and explore class.

Crawling and creeping should continue for 4-5 months for the essential skills to develop. It is important as they develop the muscle tone and coordination needed for walking, and also hand development and vision for handwriting, reading and fine motor skills.

Nature will decide when the best time is for your child to start walking. In the meantime, they need to be challenged to creep up and down, over and under, through and around. This gives them the necessary confidence to start to move into an upright position where the view on everything changes.

Their hand skills will become more purposeful over the next few months and they will begin to deliberately reach and grasp for things they wish to explore. During mat time more emphasis is placed on body awareness, visual and auditory activities. Your child will start to take part in the music and singing activities – rocking along and moving with the music, and even beginning to imitate the sounds.

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