Fairy Penguins

(babies who are standing and cruising around the furniture to those in the early stages of walking)

Duration: 45 minutes

This is special class for babies who are standing & crusing along the walls & furniture, some of the time.  This is also for babies who have taken a few ‘wobbly’ steps or can walk with your assistance, they can take part in our Fairy Penguins programme. There is a vast difference between the baby programme and our toddler classes, and this class forms the ‘bridge’ between the two programs.
Here they will be practising the skills of walking, clapping and  pre-jumping skills, through activities such as exercise and essential skills. The programme also encompasses a fine-motor component, where they will be exposed to activities such as bubbles for visual stimulation, hand development activities with ribbon sticks, maracas and bean bags, to mention a few.

Your child will start taking a more participative role in the class as they can start to understand simpe tasks and instructions. We will also be doing exercises with slow music allowing them time to learn how to move and control their limbs.

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