Possums/Emus – Little Bookworms

(3.5 – 5 years)

Duration: 60 minutes

This is our special school readiness program where the children participate in parts of the class independently and learn to cooperate with other children in groups.

This age group have excellent coordination, hand/eye control, balance and climbing skills. They have good awareness of their body and can differentiate between sides and direction, which is a crucial skill in being able to decode letters and read/write.

By this stage they should have crossed over their midline eg: draw a line across a page without changing hands or moving their body. This time at GymbaROO helps to get all the senses working harmoniously, so that the child can confidently begin school. Each activity is aimed at building confidence and independence, memory and sequencing, eye focusing (important for reading and writing), distancing activities and social skills.

The most exciting part of our session is a visit to Letterland. Letterland is a phonic literacy resource that introduces children to friendly letter characters that provide strong visual memory cues, making it easier for children to learn and remember individual phonemes. Each child will get a “Little Bookworm” folder to put the weekly worksheets and colouring activities designed to consolidate what is covered each week in class, as well as their own “Little Bookworm” book mark to use at home.

GymbaROO children enter school as confident, capable learners, having had several years of sensory motor stimulation, providing the foundations for later learning.